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Kondensavfukter Nader YARD PRO med pumpe

kr 40 942 eks. moms
kr 51 178 ink. moms
Kategori: Mobile
Bruksområde: Byggtørking - proffkunder
Merke: Cuoghi
Varenummer: F7112-P


The new and modern control, together with the electronic humidistat, standard on all models, optimizes the use of the dehumidifier by making it work only when needed. The control panel has been placed in a convenient position and easily accessible by the user, who can set the desired degree of humidity through “soft touch” buttons. For maximum operator safety all controls are in low voltage. The dynamic defrosting function also minimizes the time it takes to remove any ice from the exchanger, a function necessary to keep the machine’s efficiency level high at the lowest temperatures. As standard, electronic control manages two counting, one resettable and one cumulative: indispensable and practical for rental.


Water subtracted from ambient air is collected in the tank (where provided) equipped with a float that stops the dehumidifier when it is full. In addition, the machines are prepared as standard for the installation of the continuous discharge: at the convenience of no longer having to empty the tank, the safety of the float is flanked, which in any case, in case of malfunction of the drain, will stop the full tank dehumidifier. The YARD PRO, given its high capacity, is not equipped with a tank but with a practical continuous condensate discharge system located at the height of 35 cm from the ground to facilitate the insertion of an adequate collection tank.


This component is available as standard on all models. The air filter prevents dirt from reaching the exchangers and therefore keeps the efficiency of the machine high over time. For cleaning the filter is easily disassembled: it can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, compressed air or, in the worst cases, even washed in water.


The machines can be customized on request. For example, the continuous condensate discharge pump is available, which allows you to evacuate water exceeding the difference in height even by a few meters. It is also possible to adapt the machines to particular customer needs to make them more compliant with their brand.


ved 30 ° C / 80%r.h. – 76 l/dag

ved 25 ° C / 65%r.h. – 42 l/dag


Temperatur : 15 o C til +32 o C, fuktighet : 40 til 100% RF




59 dB(A) på 1 meters avstand

Automatikk/Start – Kontrollamper:


Aksialvifte med aluminium impeller.
Hermetisk stempelkompressor, beskyttet mot overbelastning, vibrasjonsfri.
Kondenser og fordamper av kobberrør, laminert med aluminium.
Kjølekretsen av kobberrør med ekspansjonsventil og filtertørker.
Automatisk avriming, styrt av termostat.

Kjølemedium: R454C

Mål B x H x D (mm) håndtak foldet ned: 697 × 830 × 503
Mål B x H x D (mm) håndtak i posisjon: 697 × 1045 × 503


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